Welcome to Bethel Chapel at the Waterfalls, situated in our picturesque village of Dyserth.


This is the place we call home, A place we feel safe.
Our happy place. 


Whether it’s the mountains or the sea, we love to wander and discover new adventures.
There’s a welsh word “Hiraeth”, which has no literal translation other than a ‘longing’, a ‘desire’ for, and this best sums up how we feel about our little village and especially this magical spot, tucked in, opposite the waterfalls.
This chapel has many a story to tell, a place of worship and then for the last 20 years or so, under our guidance, as a recording studio, a rehearsal room, a film location and office. If only these commanding welsh stone walls could talk…
So welcome to our world, please come and share in the magic.
With love, hope and strength.


Mike & Jules Peters.